November 1, 2020 3:17 pm

A bedroom lamp is important for anyone who loves to read before they go to sleep or even for surfing the internet on your laptop or tablet. When you are in bed trying to read, the last thing you want is a light that is too bright and hurts your eyes. This normally happens when the lamp is too tall. This is in fact the worst scenario since you will also have to stretch over to switch it off when you are ready to fall asleep. You also won’t be able to see your book if the lamp is too short.

Cozy and classic bedroom interior with pillows and crystal reading lamp on bedside tableThe two things to consider that could be confusing too are the scale and function. All bedrooms are different but the night stand should be about the same height as your mattress top and the bottom of the lamp shade should be about even with your chin when you are sitting up in bed. A good bedside lamp switch should be from 21 to 30 inches high. The light won’t glare in your eyes and switching it off should be easy. If you have a tall lamp, consider putting it on a short table. If it is short, then a tall table will be fine.

You should also consider the use and where the lamp will be placed. This will help you know the size needed. The lamp should always occupy one third of the table it is placed on.

The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom and it is only right to balance the room with other objects of large scale. In that case, you will also need enough light to reach all sides of the room.

You should always have a lamp in every bedroom, even the kids’ rooms. A floor lamp will work just fine in a limited space. Also consider having a swing-out on the wall which is ideal for a small space. As long as you keep the 26 inch switch height, you will have no problems.

If you share a bed with your spouse, you should have bedside lamps on both sides of the bed so you could get a matching set. Using different shades or shapes can allow you to have a deliberate mismatch which adds style to your room.

Other than the more common use of a bedroom lamp for reading in bed, they can also be a convenient way of adding extra light into the room. You can also use them to change the appearance and atmosphere of the room.