October 31, 2020 9:27 pm

Regardless if you have a home office or a special place of the house to study for your next college exam, it’s essential to find the perfect desk lamp in order to be more successful. The most important factor when purchasing a desk lamp, is to do some in depth research on the various kinds that are available until you find one to suit your needs.

black lamp above lavender in silver bucket on black stool next to desk with laptop in freelancer's roomA lamp for your desk can be used for various reasons, the most prevalent being to light up a room. Depending on your specific needs, for instance, working on your computer, typing up some research papers or reading and jotting down notes, the lighting has to be just perfect. However, you can find a lamp that will also fit in with the room’s decor and give it even more character.

You can also use a lamp intended for use on a desk in your living room for added lighting, such as displaying a favorite painting or sculpture. You can also use them alongside your other lamps and light fixtures to create an ambient environment as well.

Or you can be use them simply for decorative purposes to help to instantly spruce up a room. They also make intricately designed lamps which will make unique decor pieces even if you never put a bulb inside. You might want to create a particular mood by using a combination of various different light sources, such as accent lighting, task lighting and your general lighting.

When starting your search you want to first decide on the specific purpose of the lamp you need. If you are using the lamp to perform basic tasks, the things you want to consider are:

Where You Will You Use It

In order to get enough working light from your desk, it’s best to get the tallest lamp possible. Depending on the amount of illumination is desired, taller lamps or ones that are adjustable will produce a wider lighting range. If you have a relatively large desk in your office, then you will want something with a good deal of height to it or even consider an adjustable one that stretches across the surface of your desk.


If you perform various activities such as writing, studying, or reading, they all require different amounts of light. If you work in a few different areas of your desk, you’ll probably want a lamp that’s easy to angle and move in various directions.

Correct Amount of Lighting

Since more and more people are spending most of their time on computers, the potential for eye strain is higher. This is especially true for those who are older. To eliminate eye strain, be sure to use LED light bulbs between 5 to 10 watts for the best results when working in your office.

There are tons of unique lamps available for your desk in a wide variety of colors and styles. Because of this, you are guaranteed to find the perfect lamp for your home or office. Whether you use it for studying at your desk or as a beautiful piece of art for in the living room, you’re bound to find the perfect light.