October 31, 2020 9:39 pm

When it comes to choosing home decor, we tend to be very particular. The truth is that if you can get the lighting correct, then any room will look beautiful. For the perfect light, you need to find the perfect lamp which will go with the other decor in your room. It is not as easy task considering that there are so many modern designs available in the market.

living room interior design with yellow and black seat and picture frame on wall 3D renderingAt one time, lamps were meant to just offer you a way to see at night. It wasn’t long until lamps became more of a status symbol, being made of anything from ivory to even gold. Unfortunately, that meant that these special lamps could only be bought by a select few. Lamps have changed since then and today are both beautiful and economical. Modern lamps come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular designs are:

Buffet Lamp

Slender and tall, a buffet lamp looks much like an elongated version of a table lamp. It is meant to direct light in a downward direction onto a buffet table but can serve a lot of other purposes. Because of its shape, it won’t cause any spatial problems. The elevation makes sure that it is never in your way. You can also use it in your office or study room, but it is best if you don’t make it the only light source.

Tripod Lamp

You may associate tripods with clicking photographs, but the design has been molded into the lamp industry. With a three-legged base, this lamp will look stylish in your living room. Since the shape is rather unique, it will increase the aesthetic value of the area along with providing sufficient lighting. A tripod lamp is very sturdy and gives you stable illumination across an entire room. However, it occupies more space because of the wide base.

Arc Lamp

The body of the lamp is slim, but the arc-shaped arm is attached to the shade which projects outwards. Put this lamp in a corner where it can arch over a piece of furniture. It not only saves space but also gives functional task lighting. You can select among many contemporary designs available for this lamp. One thing to be aware of is that it is not very sturdy, so it is best avoided in cluttered areas.

Torchiere Lamp

A torchiere lamp is designed for the floor but has the shade facing upwards. The market is flooded with torchiere lamps made with stained-glass and contemporary frosted-glass. They will make your room look bright and elegant. They provide more light than most floor lamps since the light bounces off the walls. A torchiere lamp can be the only lighting source of lighting in a room because of its illumination range. However, keep it in an empty spot wherethe chances of it getting knocked over will be minimal.

Make your home better and bring in the light you need. Modern lamps don’t just help you see the way at night, they can be beautiful as well. They are widely available and you can even buy them online.